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It's been awhile since I added any new links, but here are a few worth checking out if you haven't come across them already.

The first is Jean-Marc's site from France. I know Carlos Berrios calls himself the king of freestyle, but this guy is poised to take the throne. He has a huge collection already posted on Multiply, many of them rare and hard to find tracks. The blog site is new so there isn't much up yet. You need to create an account on Multiply to use that service and send Jean-Marc an invitation request to be added as a contact.

Blogger Site
Multiply Site

Next up is Marlon's site from NYC. He's only been posting for a few months but has been uploading like a mad man. He already has a ton of stuff online.

Freestyle Lives

One from Brazil where I think his name is Marcelinho. The site is written in Portuguese but there are enough pictures to make things clear and all of the links are in English.

Nação Freestyle
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