Very Simply 10 Watts Stereo Power Amplifier-TDA2009A

Here are a power amplifier with TDA2009A integrated circuits produced by 10 +10 W stereo amplifier (see figure). As a result of ASIC, making her the production becomes very simple, the performance is not bad.

Her main performance characteristics in the table below.

Power Supply Voltage: DC 8-24V/1-2A

Power Output:

  1. 10W RMS / channel, 4 ohm load, 24V/DC power;

  2. 6W RMS / channel, 8 ohm load, 24V/DC power;

  3. 4W RMS / channel, 4 ohm load, 12V/DC power.

S/N: >75dB/10W output

Frequency response: 10Hz-50kHz,-3dB

Gain: 36dB

Input Level: 100mV Full output power

Schematic and Prototype:

Principle and production elements:

C1, C2 as the input capacitor, C10, C11 for the output capacitor. C6, C7 for the feedback capacitance. R1/R2, or (R3/R4) control the amount of feedback. Amplifier gain is equal to 1 + (R1/R2) = 68, or 37dB. C4, C5 for the power supply filter capacitor. The device maximum supply voltage of 28V. Hours of work required to add TDA2009A heat sink, and should pay attention to the power lines and then the choice of speaker wiring. Input should use shielded lines and as short as possible. Welding TDA200A not take too long when you pay attention, action to be fast, but if you want their full integration with the circuit board.

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