Class H Power Amplifier TDA1562Q

Several years ago we often hear class of power amplifier. We can make power amplifier in class A, class B or class AB.

Class H Power Amplifier

Class H power amplifiers take the idea of Class G one step further creating an infinitely variable supply rail. This is done by modulating the supply rails so that the rails are only a few volts larger than the output signal at any given time. The output stage operates at its maximum efficiency all the time. Switched-mode power supplies can be used to create the tracking rails. Significant efficiency gains can be achieved but with the drawback of more complicated supply design and reduced THD performance.

IC TDA1562Q is Class H Power Amplifier. Learn more about chip TDA1562Q can be found here.

Schematic diagram of the power amplifier TDA1562Q is shown in Figure 1, the appearance in Figure 2. Has an internal booster circuit elements that allow to develop at 4 Ohm load with power supply 14.2 volts, the power to 70 Watts

Fig.1 Schematic of TDA1562Q Class H Power Amplifier.

Fig.2 Kit of TDA1562Q Class H Power Amplifier.

There should be a reservation - this musical power, and no noise, which usually indicate a modern car audio equipment. Mainly on the presence of these parameters is that when measuring the noise power as a test signal using a rectangular audio signal. Of course, that under this test, power output is possible, but to call it music, hardly anyone turns language.

If the test checks power amplifier TDA1562Q on the noise power in the load 4 Ohm chip developed at the output of 130 watts, which is quite clearly shows that it is much more powerful than the chips used in stereo systems.

As is evident from all the above on the basis of this amplifier can be built quite compact size car for powerful acoustics, and for the sub-woofer. It is not necessary to assemble a fairly labor-intensive converters. Of course the amplifier nonlinear distortion based on the TDA1562Q is slightly higher than the amplifier with transformer-based TDA7294 or TDA7293, but it is still far less than many cheap car amplifiers priced up to $ 150.

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