TDA1566 Car Audio Power Amplifier

The TDA1566 is a car audio power amplifier with a complementary output stage realized in BCDMOS. The TDA1566 has two Bridge Tied Load (BTL) output stages.

The TDA1566 can be configured in a single BTL mode and drive a 1 Ω load. For the single BTL mode it is necessary to connect on the Printed-Circuit Board (PCB) the outputs of both BTL channels in parallel.

The TDA1566 is a car audio power amplifier, whose schemematic is shown below,  built on a model schemematic include chips TDA1566. The TDA1566 is a car audio power amplifier does not require the establishment and therefore suitable for repetition, even beginners.

In a unipolar power load (speaker system) includes a bridge circuit which does not  require the separation of electrolytic capacitors of high capacity.

Schematic TDA1566 Car audio power amplifier

At a load resistance of 4 ohms and power voltage 14,4 Volt chip developed 2X23 Watt's, and at a load of 2 ohms - 2x40 Watt's. Tues Rejection Ratio ripple voltage 70 dB, frequency response at the level of -1 dB 20 Hz ... 20 kHz, the gain 26 dB, the level of intrinsic noise of -100 dBA.

The developed diagnostic system provides protection against overcurrent and overheating with indicator LED CLIP restrictions and protection operation LED DIAG. Mute and standby modes are included, respectively,

intermediate (from 2,5 to 4,5 V) and zero levels at the control input EN and connector STBY.

Download DataSheet clik here

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