TDA7293 + upc1237 Integrated Amplifier with Speaker Protection Circuit

TDA7293 + upc1237 integrated amplifier speaker protection circuit board,with Morocco genuine IC, clear and transparent sound quality!
Audio channel, "European "style, all with Philips capacitors:decoupling filtering using Philips C 470uf/50v audio capacitors, Philips 0.1uf, 100V MKT, input capacitance Philips 1uf/250V MKP (better than MKT ! less waste!) bootstrap capacitor: PhilipsPHILIPS22uf/100V audio capacitor, negative feedback DC blocking capacitors Philips 22uf/100V, full-bridge 25A1000V (15A is sufficient), filter capacitor 12000uF 2 only (measured). Coupling, bootstrap, negative feedback DC-blocking capacitors were installed before the match, reduced errors, more accurate positioning to pan!

Circuit real materials, design science will have good sound, small volume whenthe soft and delicatetenderness allows you to enjoy a "European style"! Alt bursting bright when you'll likely getloud!

Circuit design features:
1:relay protection circuit can not be omitted!A speaker a few hundred dollars, and an IC tens of dollars!Switch which is no current impact sound amplifier fever minimum requirement!
2: Integrated rectifier, horn protection, power amplifier into one, convenient!
3: The filter capacitor is measured using instruments elected, the board adopted Sanyoung12000UF50WV, all of the measured capacity is greater than 10000uF, to ensure bursting with power! (Lot of brands on the market are sets of skin capacitance, renovation, disassemble parts, simply by the instrument that pays top academics ... a lot of testing capacity is only half! Filter capacitor also instruments speak for themselves!)
4: Audio channel system used in Europe and Philips MKT Philips electrolytic capacitor decoupling, resolving power better! The protection circuit uses Japanese-made capacitors do not waste resources and
5:1% of the audio channels all use metal film resistors;input capacitance with MKP. The face of hundreds of high-power operational amplifier K resistance, input capacitance, although little effect on MKP psychological effect or to vote for it!
6: The most critical is the choice of high-power amplifier TDA7293IC, you may not believe that a model with the quality of different batches of the IC 369 will be divided and so on, but I tested a few batches of the TDA7293, even sound different! In order not to touch the interests of some business, do not say. OUR engineer "winnowed out" some good batches of IC on Taobao only for your reference!

Recognition of experience TDA7293/7294 Post:

Is limited, I hope you valuable advice!

TDA7293ICbasic parameters:
Power: 140W +140 W
Output Impedance :4-8 ohms
Harmonic Distortion: 0.005%
Input voltage :24-30V dual AC input (recommended).
Board body size: 14 X 7.8 X 6 dimensions (cm)

Note: IC such as TDA7293 or TDA7294 heat sink and the negative power of its similarities to install the radiator and IC must be isolated from insulation, thermal conductivity recommended mica and particles, buying power amplifier board shop and complimentary high-quality mica particles

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