YEAH!!!! The First Babies with iPad Grant has been awarded

I just meet with the committee and went over the applications and a child has been chosen to receive the first iPad grant.  I will be calling the family this afternoon to let them know.  The iPad will be mailed Monday morning to this deserving child and family.  Thanks for all the applicants.  Today I also received several donations to make it possible to buy another iPad in the next week or so.  The next iPad will go to a child in WV since that is where I work and the majority of the donations came from this time.  I plan on changing the criteria each time to get iPads out to serve a variety of needs.  Again I wish I could do more but at this point 'Baby Steps to One iPad at a Time' is what I am trying to focus on.  All the applications will be filed away for later consideration as funds allow. 

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