Our First Babies with iPad Winner

Soliz using his iPad. 

Update from his mom:  The first time he was excited, yet very frustrated, like he really wanted to play it but wasn't quite sure how. Within a couple more sessions he has really gotten the hang of it and now gets excited each time. He has quickly learned to turn the pages of the book app I got him--The Monster at the End of This Book (for iPad) - Sesame Street. It is a great app for him to understand the concept of turning pages (on the iPad). This photo series is of him engaging with the "Grover" book and then also of him playing the piano (this session of working with the iPad lasted about an hour!!!). You can see in the last few photos he really starts to get into playing the piano. I would take a turn and then he would take a turn. This was incredible. I really feel like it's the first time in his life that he has been able to express himself through an object. Soliz is very social and engages with people and kids (and dogs too) but he has never, until now, engaged with a "thing". We are taking it slow so he can continue to enjoy and improve his motor skills and eventually use the iPad as a way to communicate. I already see great improvement in his motor skills--also when he is not using the iPad. I will try to send frequent updates. I thank you again for giving Soliz the awesome opportunity.

Heather Joy

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