50 watts transistor amplifier

The amplifier and speakers that can handle medium-power is designed to provide a strictly amateur. Accidental overloads can damage the speakers, it is not appropriate for small systems.

What amp settings do not contain an element of the first connection wiring must be careful to work with.

Characteristics of the transistor, the fan or heat sink is cooled enough to find out if you need to focus!

Tech. parameters:

Power: + - 28V

Power: 50W / 4 ohms

Input sensitivity: 250mW of

Input resistance: 50 kOhm

Frequency range: 30Hz to - 30kHz

Optimal mobile recording portable player to another amplifier Multi Media.

Here, the schematics this power amplifier


List of components:

R1, R2, R9 - 56K

R3 - 3K3

R4, R6 - 100R

R5 - 220R

R7, R8 - 120R

R10 - 1K

R11 - 1R

C1 - in 1μF / 35V

C2 - 33P - Ceramics

C3 - the 100μF/35V

C4 - 100 N (220N) - Ceramic

C5, C6 - 4.7 UF / 35V

D1, D2 - 1N4007

T1, T2, T9 - BC546

Q3 - BC640

T4 - BD139

T5, T7 - BD711

T6 - BD140

T8 - BC639

Following the DC voltage amplifier and limiter speaker protection is needed.

source: http://www.volta.estranky.cz/clanky/zesilovace-a-predzesilovace/tranzistorovy_zesilovac_50_W.2.html

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