Service Parts Management

1 Intermittent Demand: Estimation and Statistical Properties
2 Distributional Assumptions for Parametric Forecasting of Intermittent Demand
3 Decision Trees for Forecasting Trended Demand
4 The Impact of Aggregation Level on Lumpy Demand Management
5 Bayesian Forecasting of Spare Parts Using Simulation
6 A Review of Bootstrapping for Spare Parts Forecasting
7 A New Inventory Model for Aircraft Spares
8 Forecasting and Inventory Management for Spare Parts: An Installed Base Approach
9 A Decision Making Framework for Managing Maintenance Spare Parts in Case of Lumpy Demand: Action Research in the Avionic Sector
10 Con?guring Single-Echelon Systems Using Demand Categorization
11 Optimal and Heuristic Solutions for the Spare Parts Inventory Control Problem
12 Reliable Stopping Rules for Stocking Spare Parts with Observed Demand of No More Than One Unit
13 Reactive Tabu Search for Large Scale Service Parts Logistics Network Design and Inventory Problems
14 Common Mistakes and Guidelines for Change in Service Parts Management
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