The emergence of a New Website Offering The Benefits Division will compete with Google and Facebook

Lately people started to frequently discuss this site. Because reportedly, WazzUB would rival today's Internet such as Google and Facebook. Therefore, in order to promote its new website, WazzUB current dollar share for free for members who register prior to the official website was launched, because the program is very different from what you've known before.
The site is new prelaunch January 2, 2012, and will be officially launched on 01 April 2012. And my prediction of this program will Boom like GOOGLE and FACEBOOK. And what makes them different is the program we want to share the results with only existed as a user or users.

Before launching, they have started to accept the registration as a member since January 2, 2012. For you, I suggest you to register now. Secure your position now, register yourself by simply entering your email address and then clicking the "JOIN". After that the page will come out your referral link. Write down your referral link and save it. Then spread your referral link to get new members. Of each member that you recruit successfully, you are entitled to a $ 1.00 USD.

And do not forget to make your referral link as the homepage on your browser. Whether it's a browser on HP, PC or Laptop. This as our support of WazzUB. Because only the "WazzUB" we as "users" will be spoiled. Do not be afraid, because everything on the "WazzUB" FREE. And I believe 100% that this is not a scam site. But this is a breakthrough of "WazzUB" to rival the GOOGLE or FACEBOOK which has been far more used to be favorite sites worldwide.

It is a fact: companies like Google or Facebook earn billions of $ $ $ every quarter just because we, the internet users who use their services. Facebook valued at more than 50 billion $ $ $ just because they have registered a very large number. This is the time to understand, that we decide who will get more money. WAZZUB is the first global community that pays us, just to select them as our homepage.

It's very simple: the more users who join the Family WAZZUB free of charge, the more money we will get!
Example: If you invite only 5 people to join for free and they do the same 5 levels, you can get about $ 4,000 per month, by not doing anything different than you already do everyday.
What if every person invited only 10 people? The amount you will receive: $ 111,110 each month. There is NO limit! The more people you invite the more money you will get.

You can set yourself financially free to live and earn Residual Income Passive massive every month like whatever is happening out there.
The more members FREE you invite, the more money you'll get.
You can get about $ 1.00 per person in the "NETWORK IS NOT LIMITED" x 5 generations in the family WAZZUB you. (Depending on the growth of the company)If it still looks a little for you, try to notice what is happening in the following illustration ...You simply invite 5 friends to join FREE forever and they do the same to a depth of 5 generations:1. Generation 5 x $ 1.00 = $ 5.002. Generation of 25 x $ 1.00 = $ 25.003. Generation of 125 x $ 1.00 = $ 125.004. Generation of 625 x $ 1.00 = $ 625.005. Generation of 3125 x $ 1.00 = $ 3,125.00Your Passive Income = $ 3,905.00 per month by not doing anything different than what you are doing every day.

6 Steps to Understanding WAZZUB

1 - GoogleYou know a company like Google or Yahoo!. And you definitely know who jg brp bnyk mrk earn. No idea? Here are jwbannya: Mark mendptkan billions of dollars every thnnya (Google gets ONLY $ 29 billion in 2010) it is a blessingWE are using the services mrk.

II - Wazzub, "User Revolution"
". Thus was born WAZZUB. Wazzub adlah search engines, like Google, who will give you money for referring people to join our members. You will mendptkan $ 1/bln, LIFETIME, for every user who joins with Wazzub using your referral link. And you get $ 1/bln jg, LIFETIME, every time someone joins your groupwithout any effort.You just need to invite 5 people to do the same thing in 5 levels. This can be done quickly and easily degan just tell your friends and degan posting on an Internet forum as in what I do today. $ 4,000 / month, for the restLIFE, just to tell your friends to join a website.

III-Wazzub Why pay so much for its users?the more visitors they get, the more they get paid. Remember, Google gets $ 1 per user PERDAYS. Wazzub will pay you $ 1 per user PER MONTH. So it is stilladvantageous for Wazzub.

IV - Take your decisionStart telling your friends and get $ 50, $ 1,000, $ 4,000 or even more per month for your entire life.Or wait and see if it really WAZZUB profitable ... But remember: Wazzub will not share the proceeds to members who join after April, 9, 2012.So join NOW, for FREE, and invite the people who lebihvbanyak before April, 9 2012. After that, it would be too late. Youhave 3 months to change your life.

V - No more need be said, it's time to sign up Absolutely FREE.go here enter an email and your data, click the "Join" THEN OPEN YOUR EMAIL, AND CLICK LINK SENT TO YOUR EMAIL. 
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