Sweden Supports Development of Tourism in Samsosir Island

Executive Officers of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Sweden, Han Efranzah expressed its support for promoting the tourism industry Samosir regency, North Sumatra with special attention to the preservation of Lake Toba until its beauty is maintained.

"As a tourism district that has a high sales value, the preservation of the Lake Toba region needs to be kept," said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of WWF Sweden, Han Efranzah, Wednesday (1/18/2012) at Pangururan. He said the institute is focused in the realm of the living environment will also promote tourism Naidoo as a district, by paying attention and always keep the largest lake ecosystems in Southeast Asia.
Efranzah mention, he was very impressed with the community's culture and beauty of Lake Toba Samosir, to encourage local governments to set the mapping area, so well preserved ecosystem sustainability.
According Efranzah, the arrival of NGOs engaged in environmental ecosystems, orangutans, Sumatran tigers into the area Naidoo in order to observe the ecosystem of Lake Toba, while providing support for the development of the tourism industry in the area. "For the sake of sustainability of the ecosystem of Lake Toba, Regency Samosir need to map the region of Lake Toba and create a zone of floating net cages and landscape borders," he said.

Indeed, continued Efranzah, in Sweden there are several lakes, but not as nice as Lake Toba, because during winter the temperature can reach four degrees celsius.He added, WWF will establish cooperation with the regency of Samosir in conserving the ecosystem, because the Lake Toba has the potential to be developed in the tourism industry. Regent Naidoo, Mangindar Simbolon welcomed the support of WWF Sweden. Given the potential of the district with the natural beauty around Lake Toba, the regency of Samosir set its vision of becoming the Regional Tourism Destination of Innovative Environmental Year 2015.
Therefore, according to Mangindar, it continues to reorganize the tourism sector through the development of adequate infrastructure support. "For the development of tourism, environmentally sound earth garden will also be built," added Mangindar. 

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