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St Agnes' Technology Group
Last Monday, Usman Khan and I had the pleasure of launching St Agnes’, “Have a go, Share and eValuate” (HSV) iPad program. The purpose of the HSV iPad program is to prepare, educate and guide staff and students to confidently use the iPad as an educational tool. St Agnes already has class sets of iPads which are utilised in some subject areas. However, at the core of the HSV program is preparation for a possible year group roll out of iPads at St Agnes.

iPads have already proven themselves as robust, practical and functional mobile devices within business and entertainment arenas. The HSV program will identify and implement the educational features of the iPad within21st Century learning spaces that are connected and influenced by the wider St Agnes and educational communities.

St Agnes' Technology Group
When working with any form of technology within the St Agnes community it is the students that guide its use and practicality. To ensure that the use of the iPad is directed with educational objectives in mind a Technology Experts group was formed, consisting of students from each year group. This group will meet each Thursday afternoon during our Enrichment Learning Program time to learn specific apps and to provide guidance to teachers and other students in the use of iPads. The Technology Experts group will rotate each term in order to allow for a new set of students to gain these practical and educational experiences.

The St Agnes community will use the Learning and Teaching with iPads Blog to share our learning journey with the wider educational community.

St Agnes' Technology Group

St Agnes' Technology Group

Damien McGuire
Emerging Technologies Coordinator
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