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Apple iPhone 5 could have NFC

Apple mobiles has always been adding new technology to their tablets and phones, even though the rest of the competitors are quite far away from them. This has not made them overconfident as their philosophy is only do it if you can do it right and it has showed brilliant results to them. The latest rumor is that the next iPhone will finally have NFC(Near Field Communication ). In short it is a short range communications standard that aims to securely transmit information to a contactless payment terminal. According to various sources Apple mobiles has been testing leads them to believe that the next iPhone will have NFC controllers built into the Power Management Unit. 

Apple showed off PassBook as one of the new features in iOS 6 that allows users to use their phone as a wallet and pay for goods and services consumed and used by them. Now with the introduction of NFC it will be one of the simplest ways of achieving this , which makes it quite similar to Google’s Wallet and Microsoft’s recently announced ‘Wallet’ app, which serves the same purpose. According to the Jim Peters, CTO of SITA, Apple is going to incorporate NFC into Passbook because Apple just thinks about how they can make it really user friendly, There is a lot of debate that NFC will never take off , But all of us need to get ready, because it is surely coming. By the end of the year the majority of smartphones that you go and buy will have NFC on them. If in October the next iPhone comes out and it has NFC on it, it will be game over for other companies.”

There have been rumors in the market that NFC will be there with the introduction of Apple iPhone 5 which is supposed to be launch in the coming October. Since it has not been launched yet, not much information is available about it. Talking about the Apple iPhone 5 features – it will work on iOS 5 and will have a A5 dual-core Processor. Apple iPhone 5 pictures have been leaked and it seems that it is has undergo a complete makeover with a brand new look and quite slimmer and thinner as compared to its predecessor Apple iPhone 4S . Apple iPhone 5 price is expected to be around rs. 45,000. However, there is some problems with its implementation because NFC is a set of standards, and the standards sub-set used to support it in some countries and by some operators is different in different places. This has played a huge problem in its wide-scale adoption of the technology, as we have seen that the previous attempts have been failed like that of Google Wallet. Apple never introduces a new feature for the sake of introducing it, they will only add it if there is an infrastructure ready to support it, so if the iPhone 5 will indeed have NFC, you can expect mobile payments to really take off in a few months time. I recently shared the LG Optimus 4X HD: A revolution in smart phone industry.

LG Optimus 4X HD: A revolution in smart phone industry

Okay people; be prepared for yet another Korean surprise of the season. And to put on the surprise factor, we have a white angel of the market in form of LG Optimus 4X HD. The LG device is equipped with some cool weapon like 4.7 inch True HD display and a quad-core Tegra 3 processor. And no need to mention the gadget is arriving with a complete package of performance, elegance and affordability which is making it a perfect smart phone of this era.

LG mobilesrecently launched the phone is some of the European countries. Though the company has announced the official launching at MNC a long time back in February, but then took some time to introduce the device. Germany was the first country to come across it and the phone was launched there on 11th June. Following by there, now the manufacturers are planning to introduce the entire world with this stunning gadget. It’s expected the Indian customers will be able to feel the real touch of this white queen by the third quarter of 2012. Till then, some LG Optimus 4X HD pictures are especially provided by the company to reveal its features and appearance. LG Optimus 4X HD will be the fourth smart phone from LG. before this one; the company has made a reputed marketplace of itself by launching some high featured devices which are successfully ruling the smart phone industry. Keeping the previous record in mind, customers are having a big expectation from the Optimus 4X HD that it will empowered with even some better features than its predecessors. And the features of this phone completely seem to be fulfilling the customer’s expectations as well. The company has not yet confirmed the exact cost of the phone but it’s expected the LG Optimus 4X HD price will be around Rs. 20,000 in Indian market.

Talking about LG Optimus 4X HD features, the device is equipped with a 1.5GHz quad-core Tegra 3-chipset processor. Most of the phones at this time are arriving with Android Gingerbread and upgradable to ICS but this is not the case here. The phone will be pre-installed with ICS which will ensure its high performance. One GB of RAM and a 4.7 inch True HD screen with 720p resolution is there to give a high quality display. There is a super power camera of 8MP on the back side of the phone. And a long lasting battery of 2,150 mAh is there to ensure your phone will not turn off very quickly. I shared that Huawei to delay its most awaited device of 2012.
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